General Reference

Here you will find general references for learning about the Holocaust. This can be a great place to start your research. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website listed here is an especially fantastic resource.

Introduction to the Holocaust from the Encyclopaedia Britannica for Young Adults:

“The killing of millions of people by Nazi Germany during World War II is referred to as the Holocaust, though the term is most commonly used to describe the fate of Europe’s Jews. While Roma (Gypsies), Slavs, homosexuals, and others also were singled out for obliteration, the Nazis’ various policies for exterminating the Jews were the most deliberate and calculated, and the primary goal of the Nazi regime was the extermination of all the Jews in Europe. This purpose was nearly fulfilled—out of an estimated 9.5 million Jews living in Europe before the war, about 6 million were killed. In addition, millions of Poles and Russians were also killed. Only in Denmark were heroic national efforts made to save the Jewish population in spite of the German occupation. Most Danish Jews were sent to neutral Sweden to live out the war. Other efforts to save the Jews were made by individuals, such as the Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg, and by institutions. (See also genocide; reflections on the Holocaust.)”

Holocaust. (2016). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from

Reference books in the library

J 940.53 Willoughby
The Holocaust
Willoughby, Susan
One in a series of historical reference books. This book gives an overview of the Holocaust, Hitler, Nazism, the Jewish resistance in Warsaw, and trials of war criminals after the war. Included are facts and figures, personal stories, maps, and pictures.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Updated 2016
This website has an introduction to the Holocaust, a Holocaust encyclopedia, resources for educators, photographs, and information about the museum. There is also a learning site for students which includes personal stories, text, photographs, and artifacts from the Holocaust.
The Holocaust
Updated 2016
A multimedia and interactive presentation on the Holocaust including text, photographs, video, historical background, and links to other websites. Make sure you have the library headphones handy if you want to hear the videos.
Britannica Library Young Adults
Encylopaedia Britannica
Updated 2016
An online encyclopedia geared towards young adults. You can search for a topic in the search bar to find more information generally including text, images, and links to suggested websites and other resources. The introduction section to the right is from this resource.