Here you’ll find some examples of books about the Holocaust that are available right in the Sunderland Public Library. To see more information including cover art and book reviews, click the title of the book to be redirected to it’s record in the C/W Mars catalog.


940.53 Frank
The Diary of a Young Girl
Frank, Anne
translated by B.M. Mooyart-Doubleday, with an introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt
A classic book, this is the story of Anne Frank, a thirteen year old girl, and her family hiding from Nazis during World War II told through writings in Anne’s diary. This version includes an introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt.

J 940.53 Levy
The Holocaust
Levy, Pat
Part of a two book series about the Holocaust and the Cold War, this book provides a history of the events of the Holocaust but also philosophic reflections on what led to the event, whether or not it could have been prevented, and what it means for us now. It includes maps and photographs along with the text.

940.5 Lobel
No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War
Lobel, Anita
This is the story of the author’s experiences during World War II as a young Jewish child in Nazi occupied Poland including time spent in a concentration camp. She also talks about her experiences after the war when she was a refugee in Sweden with her brother.

940.53 Rappaport
Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust
Rappaport, Doreen
This book has stories of twenty Jewish resistance efforts during the Holocaust. Resistance efforts include things like smuggling Jewish children out of occupied countries,  leading refugees into the forest to build an army, and daring escapes from concentration camps. Includes photographs.

J 940.53 Willoughby
The Holocaust
Willoughby, Susan
One in a series of historical reference books. This book gives an overview of the Holocaust, Hitler, Nazism, the Jewish resistance in Warsaw, and trials of war criminals after the war. Included are facts and figures, personal stories, maps, and pictures.


YA Vos
Anna is Still Here
Vos, Ida
translated by Terese Edelstein and Inez Smidt
Set after the liberation of Holland from the Nazis, this is the story of a thirteen year old Jewish girl named Anna who must learn how to cope as a survivor after World War II. The story talks about the Holocaust but also the aftermath of it as Jews tried to regain a place in society.

YA Wiviott
Paper Hearts
Wiviott, Meg
Based on a true story, this book focuses on the experiences Fania and Zlatka, two young girls detained at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. If you liked reading Anne Frank, you may also like this story. Includes a glossary with Yiddish words and a “What is true?” section at the end of the book. Also available as an e-book- see E-Books & Audiobooks section.

J Gleitzman
Gleitzman, Morris
This is the story of Felix, a 9 year old boy living in Poland in 1942. Felix initially thinks the Nazis hate booksellers as his family owns a Jewish bookstore. He runs away from the Catholic orphanage where his parents put him in hiding and learns of  the horrors of the Holocaust and the realities of Nazi hatred on a journey across Poland.

YA Sax
The War Within These Walls
Aline, Sax
Illustrated by Caryl Strzelecki, Translated by Laura Watkinson
Per the School Library Journal, recommended for grades 8 and up. This is the story of Misha, a Jewish boy living in what would eventually be called the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. He and his family struggle to survive appalling conditions and Misha eventually joins in a resistance movement called the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This book is visually striking with prominent illustrations, and it is shelved in the graphic novel section in the YA room of Sunderland Public Library.