This is a guide to help young adults aged 11-15 in the Sunderland, MA community learn more about the Holocaust. If you are writing a paper for school on that topic, this can be a good place to start looking for sources. Here you will find some books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and websites that you can access as a patron of the Sunderland Public Library.

You’ll see from the menu above that the guide has resources organized according to format. So, if you’re looking for a general reference source like an encyclopedia or website to start your research, check out the General Reference section of the guide. If you’re looking for films, check that section out. What’s best is to take a look at each section of the website to learn about a variety of sources you can use when studying the Holocaust. The Find More section of the website includes videos on how to search in the C/W Mars library catalog and ideas for search terms to use when you’re looking for resources on the subject. The final page of this guide is the bibliography of sources we used to create the website- This Guide’s References.

On each page, you’ll find a list of resources. Each resource is noted like this:

-Call number in the Sunderland Public Library or website address 
-Title (you can also click on the title to link to its record in the C/W Mars Catalog)
-Author’s Last name, First name
-Year the title was published or updated
-A brief summary of the resource.